When Sam from HWYONEPRO approached me to design and build a site so they could feel confident pitching to clients with larger budgets, I knew it would be a great match. As content creators, they have the best image and video assets to build a site around. I made sure their beautiful product images in nature were front and center in the designs. From wires, to design and dev I completed every step of the project on time and within budget.

This custom site was built from scratch using Nuxt and Scss and deployed using Netlify. This is an example of a static site built on what's referred to as the JAMStack. It's safer, good for SEO and a lot faster than other similar sized sites with this much content.

Ry wearing a hat with an avocado patch.


One of my favorite parts of the site to build out was the client page navigation seen below. Being able to hover over the clients' logos to see an example from the project deliverables added a level of interactivity that encouraged site visitors to view even just a piece of each of their projects. On the site each logo linked to the case study for that client.

  • woman standing in front of RV wearing a yellow beanie, red scarf, and winter coat with shale
  • person holding a portable gas powered Iwatani grill.
  • man and woman unloading a truck with a duracell large portable battery
  • man and woman unloading a truck with a duracell large portable battery

I'll be adding more to this case study soon. In the meantime, I could make something awesome for you too...